Texas McBee Family
Reunion Photographs
The Gathered Clan, Saturday, April 9, 2010
Left to Right: Dorothy McBee, our honoree; Martha McLaren, Dorothy's daughter; Jeanie Murray, Tim's wife;
Sandra McBee, Mike's wife; Mike McBee, Dorothy's son; Natalie Stewart, Dorothy's great granddaughter; Tim
Murray; Roland Walden, uncle to the Walden Clan; Owen Murray, Tim's son; Kianna Pierson, Neva Sue's
daughter; Neva Sue Pierson; Chuck Pierson, Neva Sue's husband; Marsha Winstel, Paul's OAO; Paul Walden;
Dr Linda Walden; Tom Murray; Lee Walden; Adell, Suzanne, and Ian Murray, Owen's family; Elaine McBee,
John's wife; John McBee; Caroline Malone & Scherri Perkins, daughters of Johnny and Betty Burks; Johnny
Burks, Betty's husband; and Betty Burks

Present but not seen in this photo: Karen Murray, Tom's wife who took the photo; Brenda Walden, Lee's wife;
Tim & Kim Stewart and sons (Kim is Mike & Sandra McBee's daughter and Dorothy's granddaughter; the
Stewart's live in Georgetown); and Deborah Havens; Dorothy's niece
The attendees are descendants of Thomas Gillie McBee and Kenneth McBee, son of Paul McBee of an original McBee Family that included
James C & Elizabeth P McBee and sons, Oliver, Gillie, Paul, and Ernest and daughters, Maude and Maidee. I worked hard to find
addresses for descendants of Oliver, Maidee, and Paul's sons Don and Paul, Jr. Could not trace Maidee's descendants, but sent multiple
invitations to everyone. No descendant of Oliver McBee nor Don nor Paul, Jr attended the reunion, not even those that live in Texas.
Marsha Winstel, Brenda Walden, and Paul Walden
Johnny & Betty Burks with daughters Caroline Malone (left) and Scherri
Perkins (right); missing, son Philip who did not attend
Dorothy McBee, daughter-in-law Sandra McBee, and great
granddaughter, Natalie Stewart
Lee Walden, Tim Murray, and
Roland Walden
Dorothy McBee, Martha McLaren,
Deborah Havens, and Mike McBee
Tom Murray, Chuck Pierson, Tim Murray, Owen Murray with Adell and Ian,
Karen Murray, and Neva Sue Pierson
Mike McBee, Dorothy McBee, Martha McLaren, Elaine McBee,
Suzanne Murray, Kianna Pierson, and Tom Murray
Dorothy recommended barbecue from The Pit in Georgetown. Turned out
to be excellent. Enjoyed here by Johnny & Betty Burks, Scherri Perkins,
Chuck Pierson, and Paul Walden
John McBee with niece,
Caroline Malone;
brother-in-law, Johnny Burks;
sister, Betty Burks; and niece,
Scherri Perkins
Karen Murray and Jeanie
Murray, the better halves of Tom
and Tim Murray
The Waldens - children of Neva Walden, daughter of Gillie &
Edna McBee. Could not have had a reunion without them. Paul,
Neva Sue, Linda, and Lee. Photo taken night before the reunion.
Owen & Suzanne Murray with daughter, Adell, and son, Ian
With Scherri Perkins, Caroline Malone, Tim & Kim Stewart, the only fifth
generation McBees to attend the reunion.
Mike McBee introduces granddaughter, Natalie Stewart, to
Elaine McBee while sister, Martha McLaren, and mother,
Dorothy McBee look on.
Captain Tom R Murray (USN Retired) and Karen Murray of
Williamsburg, Virginia
The Pierson Family - Kianna, Neva Sue, and Churck Pierson of Buffalo,
New York
The Notorious Murray Brothers, a few years past their high school days
John & Elaine McBee who live in Arkansas north of Little Rock
near a lake and golf course