McBee Family
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Jim McBee, youngest child of Thomas Gillie and Edna McBee, graduated from medical
Narsarssuak, Greenland. Letter provided by James McBee's son, Jim McBee

Officers’ Open Mess
Narsarssuak Air Base
(The Miami of the North)

4 September 1956

Dear Dad,

Hope Mom won’t be offended if I write this letter to just you. I received your letters of 27
August late this afternoon. I was very sorry to hear of granddad’s passing, but knew for
some time that it would not be much longer. I know that even in your sadness, you and
Maude and Ernest will all feel some relief, too, now that the long ordeal is over. I wish
you would let the other members of the family know my appreciation for the watch and
chain, though I am the least worthy of all to have it. One thing for sure, I have never been
ashamed of my name or of the heritage left me by those that have gone this way before
me. It makes it awfully hard for a little runt like myself to measure up to the standards and
to try to follow the long strides of their predecessors — particularly when they ad a
granddad and a dad that I have had to follow.

The seasons are changing rapidly, now. The bright green hills are now changed to
beautiful shades of yellow and brown. The flowers are gone. The mornings are
becoming a little more nippy. Fall is fleeting and winter will soon be here!

Dr. Heyl returned today and I was glad to let him be commander again and leave me to
just practice medicine and fly and enjoy myself as much as one can up here.

Have just returned from “Toastmasters” where we enjoyed a wonderful dinner at the
Danish Hotel. I probably will give my first speech about next month.

I will be mailing a sort of unusual little thing to you and Mom. It’s made in Denmark and I
hope you like it. Let me know if it arrives safely.

Guess that’s about all I have to offer for tonight. Extend my sympathy to the other
members of the clan.