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Iran Adventure is the remarkable story of Ken and Dorothy
McBee during the turbulent transition in Iranian rule from the
Shah to the Ayatollah. Late in his career, Ken joined ABI, the
international arm of AT&T. Their mission was simple - upgrade
Iran's telecommunication system to modern standards. As the
top planning engineer, Ken's role was critical in both designing
the system and negotiating rights of way. Never one to sit home,
Dorothy also joined ABI as a secretary. They made a joint
decision to experience Iran to the fullest; live in an apartment with
an Iranian landlord away from the American compound, tours of
historic cities, learning Farsi, bartering with street merchants,
fishing in a remote lake. ABI service also allowed one month
vacation that Ken and Dorothy used to tour the world. Then
things turned ugly, very ugly. A banished Ayatollah in Paris sent
tapes that stirred up the the Mullahs and religious extremists.
AT&T was reluctant to pull staff with the Shah months behind in
payments, but at the 11th hour ordered mass return of all ABI
personnel which turned into a harrowing escape.
Tim Murray
Son of Ione
Murray, Grandson
of Thomas Gillie
McBee, Brother of
Tom Murray
Memoirs of a Texan is a three part historic fiction written by
Tim Murray. The first book, Memoirs of a Texan: War, begins
with a VMI cadet, Jim Cobb, who becomes caught up in the
Civil War, serves as staff officer to Generals Dorsey Pender
and A P Hill and later as commander of the 78th North
Carolina Regiment. He survives wounds at Sharpsburg and a
gunfight with a Union patrol in escaping from a Union patrol.
Jim and another Confederate officer stay with the Blaylock
family in northern Virginia. Jim and Andy Blaylock join the
newly formed Mosby Rangers before rejoining the Light
Division of the Army of Northern Virginia. Among other raids,
Jim and Andy plan and participate in capture of a Union
payroll. Jim serves in nearly all the major battles fought by the
Army of Northern Virginia and watches as overwhelming Union
resource and manpower grind down the Confederate Army.
But, before the final surrender, the 78th North Carolina is
captured defending the Boydton Plank Road outside
Petersburg and sent to Fort Delaware prison. After leaving
Fort Delaware, Jim and Andy learn that the Yankees still bring
payroll on the same route they earlier robbed as Mosby
Rangers except the total is higher. With stolen payroll, Jim
drops by the Morgan Plantation and finds something he did not
expect - Pete's little sister has grown into a woman, a woman
he marries before moving home. But, one of the former
Rangers used as a diversion in the payroll robbery has turned.
They must proceed on to the large, mismanaged estate of
Jim's uncle, Gus Gerlach, near Beaumont.
The second book picks up the story as they use stolen Union
payroll currency to purchase Mexican cattle which they take to
Kansas City in the largest drive of 1866. In effect, each dollar
of stolen currency is converted to six dollars of clean money.
Jim, Andy, and another associate, Robert Savage, become
instantly wealthy at a time when most Texans are poor. Cotton
harvest first year adds to their wealth. While prices hold, cattle
drives and cotton push Cobb family wealth higher. Jim invests
in wood processing, shipping, and other industries to build a
financial empire in Texas. But, post-war life in Texas is not
ideal. Responsibility for the Northern Virginia  payroll robbery
is transferred to the newly formed Secret Service and their top
agent, Jean LeBlanc. LeBlanc relentlessly pursues Jim and
associates. A key witness reappears. Jim, Andy, and Robert
are arrested and taken separately to Washington for trial. They
are saved by their wives who find an unusual way to divert the
prosecution's key witness. Meanwhile, Jim's worthless cousin,
Rene Gerlach, joins a carpetbag and scalawag cabal that
attempts to steal the Gerlach Estate. Their scheme is averted
by a timely assassination of the cabal's bag man.
In the third book, Jim builds a major, integrated oil company in
the turmoil and near anarchy of the early Texas petroleum
industry. In the course of sponsoring candidates for political
office, Jim and Andy become involved with Governors Jim
Hogg and Charles Culbertson and their political advisor,
Edward House. Events of the period, Spanish American War,
1900 Galveston Hurricane, formation of the NAACP are
depicted through the stories of Jim's stepson, granddaughter,
and protege. Jim's efforts to bring education and good
government to Texas is frustrated by Populists who feed on the
ignorance of the population. It is a battle he does not win.
The first two books. Memoirs of a Texan: War and Memoirs of
a Texan: Redemption are printed and available at

The third book, Memoirs of a Texan: Empire, is in progress.
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Memoirs of a Texan: Empire
Kenneth & Dorothy
McBee, Ken is the
son of Paul McBee
and grandson of
James C &
Elizabeth P McBee.
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